Gaddafi wife

The final bloody moments of Muammar Gaddafi's life were still shrouded in confusion today as conflicting reports emerged about who fired the shot that actually killed him. Libya's deposed leader was pulled out alive from a drain under a motorway in Sirte, the city of his birthplace, where he had been hiding with a small group of bodyguards. A clutch of videos have emerged on the internet in which he is seen begging his captors for mercy.

His condition varies dramatically, with later footage showing him rambling and drenched in blood. Wounded and terrified, Gaddafi appeared deluded to the end, asking his captors: 'What did I do to you? Scroll down for video of Gaddafi's last minutes Final seconds: Gaddafi is turned on his side to face the ground, an apparent gesture carried out to spare him from looking his killer in the eyes.

Fear on his face after being captured in his home town of Sirte, this is Gaddafi in the moments leading up to his death.

Final moments: A dazed Gaddafi gesticulates as rebels parade him through Sirte shortly before he was shot. Grimacing in pain: A still from a video taken from the mobile phone of a rebel fighter shows Gaddafi, his face covered in blood, being dragged around by freedom fighters. Losing blood: Gaddafi lifts a hand to his face to see the blood pouring from his wounds.

The mobile phone footage shows the dictator slumped against a jeep but still alive. Moments after the last grainy video was shot, it is believed he was killed. Initial reports suggested he had been executed by revolutionary forces in front of a baying mob. But there have been claims by rebels who witnessed the killing that Gaddafi was actually shot by one of his own bodyguards to spare him further humiliation.

It has also been suggested he was shot during a fight inside an ambulance conveying him to hospital or that he was actually caught in crossfire.

gaddafi wife

Grisly end: New pictures released today show Gaddafi's scarred corpse on the floor of a freezer where it is being kept before burial.

A day Libyans fought for: Gaddafi's eyes are closed and mouth firmly shut as preparations are made for his burial. One rebel claimed that he had been killed as he put up a desperate last fight for freedom. He carried his golden revolver on him at all times, and may have pulled it from his clothes.

gaddafi wife

He might have struggled, tried to escape,' a Libyan revolutionary said. Pictures of Gaddafi's body show a bullet hole in the temple, which supports claims he was shot at close range. Gaddafi's battered body was paraded through the streets of Sirte to the sound of celebratory gunfire and jubilant shouts. Another video captured the corpse of the year-old being dragged through the streets of Sirte, to be paraded later before celebrating crowds in the nearby port town of Misrata.

Pleading: Muammar Gaddafi begged with his captors for his life after he was found cowering in a storm drain. Paraded: Gaddafi struggled with his captors in video footage taken by rebel fighters after he was found.

Chaotic: Gaddafi was pushed around by rebel fighters, one of whom filmed the incident on a mobile phone.Muammar al-Qaddafi was born in a Bedouin tent in Sirte, Libya, in He joined the military and staged a coup to seize control of Libya inousting King Idris.

Though his Arab nationalist rhetoric and socialist-style policies gained him support in the early days of his rule, his corruption, military interference in Africa, and record of horrific human rights abuses turned much of the Libyan population against him.

Accused of supporting terrorism, in the last decade of his rule Qaddafi reached a rapprochement with Western leaders, and Libya became a key provider of oil to Europe. After months on the run, on October 20,he was killed in his hometown of Sirte. Muammar al-Qaddafi was born on June 7,in Sirte, Libya. Raised in a Bedouin tent in the Libyan desert, he came from a tribal family called the al-Qadhafah. At the time of his birth, Libya was an Italian colony. InLibya gained independence under the Western-allied King Idris.

As a young man Qaddafi was influenced by the Arab nationalist movement, and admired Egyptian leader Gamal Abdel Nasser. In Qaddafi entered the military college in the city of Benghazi. He also spent four months receiving military training in the United Kingdom. After graduating, Qaddafi steadily rose through the ranks of the military. As disaffection with Idris grew, Qaddafi became involved with a movement of young officers to overthrow the king.

A talented and charismatic man, Qaddafi rose to power in the group. On September 1,King Idris was overthrown while he was abroad in Turkey for medical treatment.

Qaddafi was named commander in chief of the armed forces and chairman of the Revolutionary Command Council, Libya's new ruling body.

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At age 27, he had become the ruler of Libya. Qaddafi's first order of business was to shut down the American and British military bases in Libya. He also demanded that foreign oil companies in Libya share a bigger portion of revenue with the country. Qaddafi replaced the Gregorian calendar with the Islamic one, and forbade the sale of alcohol. Feeling threatened by a failed coup attempt by his fellow officers in DecemberQaddafi put in laws criminalizing political dissent.

Inhe expelled the remaining Italians from Libya and emphasized what he saw as the battle between Arab nationalism and Western imperialism.

He vocally opposed Zionism and Israel, and expelled the Jewish community from Libya.Muammar Gaddafi has been married twice. Safiya Farkas Kash Gaddafi is his second and present wife and the mother of six sons and one daughter — all by Gaddafi. They also have one adopted son and one adopted daughter who was killed in the American bombstrike on the family compound.

It is one of the largest in the eastern part of Libya. They fell in love and married in some records say and lived happily ever after. Well — almost anyway. Safiya has a reputation, like the rest of the Gaddafi clan, of being a shopaholic.

Gaddafi and daughter Aisha went on a shopping spree with their cousins every day. Those days seem over now! Barbara Walters describes her as a tall, stunning woman which is hard to see from the photo. But her. The bulging shopping bags tell the whole story. Email Not published. Search after Safya Farkash on google. Not that bad at all? Have you been watching the news the last 6 months. How can you defend a man who would do that to his people?

GADDAFI DEAD VIDEO: Dictator begs for life before summary execution

If Gadafi was so bad, how come that Libyans had good housing, GDP, sponsored education aboroad if one succeeds to have good marks? It is easy to poo-poo the man when he is down.

I had a member who worked in Libya and he claims that it was not that bad at all. Did you check out the video of her wedding on my site?

gaddafi wife

In sum, there should not be so much misinformation and mystery about Col. Gaddafi and his family; they have been running Libya for over forty years! Go figure. The murkiness continues. Gaddafi forced her and she got pregnant. He married her when President Nasser Egypt came to visit in early After she gave birth he divorced her. She grew up in Benghazi and I know because I used to play on the street where her parents apartment was. She also has a famous brother Salah Farkash.

I noticed since the Feb 17 revolution in Libya began that people from the Former Yugoslavia and particularly Serbs, idolize gaddafi and claim that he can do no wrong.

She went to school with my aunts. She was not a normal person; always laughing for no reason and loudly for no apparent cause. So, Aisha is doing the only thing left to do in Libya: She has shown up at the front line of the […]. Does it seem strange to have a suspicion that Saif Ghadai is closeted?

Between his close relationship with Austrian Jurgen Heider, the absence of any prominent romantic partner and frankly, forgive me for the stereotype, but his style? He just seems like a gay guy from London. The daughter was not involved at all, The same girl has survived and qualified from the medical school in Tripoli.

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She visited London on many occasions for shopping and for medical treatment. Since her qualification she stayed in the Department of Surgery, at the old Tripoli Central Hospital.It is now common knowledge that what the Americans did was help the Al Qaida affiliated groups to power. Since then, Libya, a country still controlled by the West, has plunged into a dehumanizing civil war, with various war lords controlling prisons and terrorizing the local population, without the US or EU stopping this horror.

The Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was brutally killed in Libya many years ago. As the Libyan civil war rages on, we republish this article, which sums up the level of injustice done to the family members of leaders who have fallen out of favor in the West.

Safia Farkash and his daughter Aisha Gaddafi is still under travel ban, with little or no access to their private bank accounts that were frozen in This is the Western procedure, to freeze the bank accounts of citizens that are not indictedd or tried in any court of law?

To ban them from travelling indefinitely? Some of which have become very rich after the NATO military coup, Read about it below. Since that is the case, why are Safia Farkash and Aisha Gaddafi still are subjected to homelessness and forced displacement?

What is their criminal acts, which are in violation of international humanitarian and humanitarian law, since they are treated as criminals in the Western system? About the author Hanne Nabintu Herland is a bestselling historian of religions and bestselling author. This is a great place to watch interviews with leading intellectuals, thought leaders, authors and activists from across the political spectrum — free from political correctness.

The Herland Report believes in freedom of speech and its editorial policy resides above the traditional Left vs Right paradigm which we believe has lost its relevance and ability to describe the current driving forces in Western politics.

At The Herland Report we have written extensively on the matter, also poston domestic Libyan matters, the situation of the Tawhargha tribe and the thousands who are incarcerated in Libyan prisons, run by war lords, where they stay for years without a trial.

Yet, this is also the case with Libya. Muammar Gaddafi was killed in Octoberand still to this day the family have not received information on where he is buried. The widow of ousted Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi has urged the United Nations and the European Union to help her recover the remains of her husband and their son Mutassim. In a letter published on the website of Voice of Russia radio on Sunday, Safia Farkash also called on the African Union to investigate the deaths of the two men.

Many years later, Mme. Safia Farkash Gaddafi is still struggling to be able to travel freely, not to mention access to private bank accounts that were frozen by the US back in Farkash is not, as far as we are aware, indicted in any court case, no trial has deemed her guilty of theft of any Libyan funds.

How then is she still denied access to her how money? Why is her daugther Aisha still denied the right to travel freely?

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He reveals that his committee received letters and communications from the concerned point of contact demanding the removal of Aisha Gaddafi from the list. The decision of the Sanctions Committee on the need for Safia Farkash appears to be a few years late, as a travel ban on a woman at this age is fundamentally wrong. The same is true of Dr. Aisha Gaddafi, the international lawyer, and the goodwill ambassador at the United Nations. Aisha said in previous remarks. The observer says that the women and their brothers are subjected to homelessness and forced displacement.

They are looking for lost rights in the absence of justice in international courts and the absence of law in their country, which almost denies them the right to live in it.Tripoli, Oct Muammar Gaddafithe man who ruled Libya with an iron fist for 42 years was shot dead in his hometown Sirte on October 20, But his dirty and dark secrets are still grabbing limelight that shows how the late Libyan dictator kidnapped, raped and sexually abused thousands of women to fulfill his perverted desires.

gaddafi wife

In a book titled "Gaddafi's Harem: The Story of a Young Woman and the abuse of Power in Libya", written by acclaimed French journalist Annick Cojean, Gaddafi's dark side with women obsession has been revealed that says "thousands of young Libyan girls and women who were kidnapped from their schools, homes or places of work and forced to be Gaddafi's sex slaves".

Annick has thrown light on how women were abducted, imprisoned, raped and abused by the Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi during his brutal regime. The first half of the sensational book contains the real sexual encounters of a woman, named Soraya, when she was just year-old.

It tells about how Gaddafi made her and others his "sex-slaves" and confined them. Now, year-old Soraya's story has disclosed that how Gaddafi's men stripped her and forced her to wear a G-string lingerie, with full make-up. She said that Gaddafi was lying naked on his bed and after a failed rape attempt, he called her a 'whore' and assaulted her so badly that she had to undergo a medical treatment.

For five years, she was confined to a small room in the basement of Tripoli base. There, she was given 'porn clips featuring Gaddafi having sex with other women' so that she could 'learn' from and was forcefully made to consume alcohol and drugs.

She has revealed that she was raped and beaten by Gaddafi many times but was finally let go home in In the book, it is mentioned that Gaddafi used to call girls to his bedchamber day and night, where he allegedly drugged, beat, raped and sodomized them.

The book also reveals another story of a woman who was also raped, made pregnant and had the baby delivered in secret. InAnnick broke this story on Gaddafi and went to Tripoli to cover interviews of Gaddafi's victims. Then, she penned down a tell-all book on Gaddafi's sexual encounters with women.

Annick says, "He used sex to humiliate, punish and reward. Rape was a weapon of war and sex was a weapon of power for him". The author further reveals that Gaddafi had his everyday prey and tried to woo performers, TV presenters, and wives of foreign dignitaries with gifts. Cojean's book is now freely available in Libya, and in February, a group of demonstrators held copies of the book as they demanded a law to protect women who have been raped, the report added.

In an another revelation, it came to light that Gaddafi's all-female bodyguards group had an Indian connection. After Gaddafi's death, it became an open secret that Gaddafi used to rape and enslave his female bodyguards. Pamella served as Gaddafi's consort when he visited London. At that time, she was one of the most high-profile prostitutes in London and used to charge 10, pounds per night. Trending Coronavirus. For Quick Alerts.

Subscribe Now. India - 13, World - 2, For Daily Alerts.The only pictures available of him date to his capture on October 20,the same day that Muammar Gaddafi was captured. A short chaotic film taken by a rebel on a cell phone shows him haggard, disheveled, hair and beard unkempt, a wound caused by explosives beneath his right eye. His frantic flight with the Libyan Guide, whose much-feared chief of security he was, ended in carnage at the edge of the desert. This was the terrible image of a man defeated.

Mansour Daw stayed with the Libyan dictator until the very end, hurriedly leaving Bab al-Azizia when the insurgents seized Tripoli, first rushing off toward Bani Walid, where Gaddafi said farewell to his gathered family before heading for Sirte in the west—hiding there in ordinary houses that soon lacked all reserves, electricity, or food, and increasingly outnumbered by rebels—until the ultimate attempt at flight was stopped outright at dawn by NATO firing.

Mansour was one of the few survivors of the last group of the faithful. His name embodied the terror that was maintained for decades, and more recently the barbarous acts—rape, torture, executions—committed in his country to put down the revolution. All of Libya was waiting for him to explain himself. At least, that is what Ibrahim Beitalmal, a member of the Misrata Military Council and in charge of the military prisoners, was eager to warn me about when he gave me permission to meet with him.

On Saturday, March 10,he came into the large meeting hall of a building of the national army in Misrata, looking relaxed—in a khaki jacket, a wool cap on his head—and rested. His white beard was trimmed very short, and an ironic smile played around his lips. He had agreed to the idea of an interview without knowing its topic.

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi

Perhaps he saw it as a distraction in his solitary days. I told him that I was investigating a subject that was said to be taboo, the sexual crimes of Colonel Gaddafi, and I was hoping he would tell me what he knew about it.

As a member of his family I owed him respect. So there was no question of broaching the subject with him. Keeping my distance was the best way for me to keep my self-respect. I was protecting myself. Can you talk about a private life when sexual relations are coerced, when there are countless accomplices, and state departments are called upon to facilitate these crimes? I am a commander and one of the highest-ranking officers in the army.

In Moscow I wrote a thesis on military command structure.Libyan officials are trying to locate Muammar Gaddafi's wife and three of his children who are missing from their refuge in neighbouring Algeria. Algeria confirmed the late dictator's second wife, Safia, daughter Aisha, and sons Hannibal and Muhammad had fled the upmarket coastal region of Staoueli, close to Algiers, where they had lived since fleeing Libya in Oman and Venezuela had both reportedly previously offered members of Gaddafi's family asylum, and officials say it is also possible they have joined former Gaddafi fighters in Mali.

Gaddafi's most prominent son, Saif al-Islam, remains in custody in the Libyan town of Zintan, and his brother Saadi is under house arrest in Niger. Libya has already put Aisha and Hannibal on Interpol's red notice list, obliging member states to arrest them. Aisha's Israeli lawyer, Nick Kaufman, would not comment on reports of their flight, but said he was representing her in efforts to get the international criminal court to investigate the killing of her father.

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The news of their disappearance comes as Egypt and Morocco announce the arrest of several prominent Gaddafi-era figures who had fled Libya, including Gaddafi's cousin Ahmed Gaddafi al-Dam, captured in Cairo. The three siblings fled Libya with Safia during the Arab spring revolution as rebel forces entered Tripoli in August Aisha lost her husband and two children in the Nato bombing of Tripoli in and gave birth to a baby girl the day after arriving in Algeria.

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Of the three, Libyan authorities are keenest to arrest Hannibal, formerly head of Libya's maritime transport authority and who they say was part of Gaddafi's inner circle.

Before the revolution, Hannibal, 37, became known for his brushes with the law in Europe. In he and his wife, Aline Skaf, a Lebanese model, were arrested by Swiss police after being accused of attacking members of their staff in a Geneva hotel.

They were later released after Libya arrested two Swiss businessmen in apparent retaliation. A year later police were called to reports of a woman screaming from the hotel room the couple shared at Claridge's in London. Three bodyguards were arrested by police for obstruction and inside Skaf was found battered and bleeding and was treated in hospital.

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